September 18, 2007

81st night - Tuesday

(Live Finale Night - The Jury Votes)
Result of The Live Jury Vote:
Dick wins by a vote of 5 - 2!!

9:45am (PST) - Dick and Daniele are still sleeping.

10:00am (PST) - Feeds are off and have been for a little while.

12:00pm (PST) - Feeds are still off.

2:00pm (PST) - Feeds are still off and not coming back....


Details of the Live Show:

The Jury waits for the last Evictee -
Their time in paradise is coming to an end as the Jury Members await the final evictee's arrival with worried sighs. "I would absolutely love to see Dick or Daniele… it's a 50-50 toss-up. I would least like to see Zach here," Dustin sighs as he contemplates the next HouseGuest to arrive. "Dick, overall, has to be the absolute worst person I've ever met in my entire life and I don't even think he deserves $50,000," Jen complains as Zach walks into view. His arrival at the Jury House is met with disappointed moans. Eric tells Zach it would have been a six to one vote if he had been in the Final Two. Dustin anguishes over having to give the prize money to one of their least liked housemates.


Eric gets his last instructions from America -
Eric gets his final America's Player instructions. He is directed to campaign for and vote for Dick to win. When Eric starts his campaigning, Dustin expresses his concern that giving the money to Dick will be seen as "condoning" Dick's behavior this summer. Jen says, "We have to figure out who is the worst of the worst," adding, "I think Dick shouldn't win." Eric refocuses the conversation to Dick's game instead of his "personal attacks." Dustin backs his choice of Daniele, pointing out, "Hands down she was a strong competitor." Eric tries again to boost his campaign for Dick. "Dick won three HOHs and won the Veto that saved his own life… so let's not devalue his competitive stature," Eric adds. Amber supports his argument. While everyone says Dick said horrible things throughout the summer, Jessica says not to discount what Daniele did: "She did it all, she just did it quieter," Jess points out. "Dick was the guard dog and Daniele was holding the leash," Zach says as Jameka agrees, "Daniele just collected all the benefit from it." Dustin sums it up with a sigh, "It's either Evel or Evel's spawn who is going to win."


The Jury asks the Final Two their questions -
The Jury has a chance to ask Dick and Daniele some final, gritty questions. Dustin welcomes the pair. "Kudos, you got what you wanted," Dustin grins before asking Dick what it is like sitting next to Daniele in the Final. Dick smiles, saying it is easy to be sitting next to her, and nobody carried anyone in this game. Amber hits Daniele with a tough query, asking why she should respect her after what she did to her "real-life" boyfriend by having a showmance with Nick. Daniele tells Amber she doesn't want her vote if Amber is going to base her decision on something that doesn't have anything to do with the game. Jessica then asks Dick who he'd want to sit next to other than Daniele. Dick says no one, and claims he never lied to her, but she disagrees. Eric then asks Dick why each Jury Member would deserve to be in the Final Two. Dick takes the opposite track and goes through each Jury member and tells them exactly why he thinks they do not deserve to be in the Final Two. Shaking their heads, the Jury watches as Zach asks his question. Zach wants to know what the pair has learned and will take with them from each of the HouseGuests. Daniele attempts to curry favor with the house by complimenting everyone. Dick's answers leave the Jury with sour looks on their faces as they listen in silence.

Jen lets her feelings out as she tells the pair she doesn't respect either of them, but has to vote for one of them. She asks Dick what he's gained in his relationship with his daughter. Surprised by the genuine nature of the question, Dick says he's grown so much closer to Daniele and Daniele agrees. "I hope you guys vote with your hearts and do what you think is best," Daniele smiles sweetly. Dick cuts to the chase with his final parting words. He shrugs as he explains his game play. "I've played hard…there was no flying under the radar. I did a lot of the dirty work. I did what needed to be done…as far as I'm concerned, we won." The interview ends as Daniele walks off, unhappy with her father's speech. "It was kind of crappy," she says as Dick follows her, a perplexed look on his face. He shakes his head and heads outside to have a cigarette. "Great, something else for her to be [miffed] at me about," he sighs.


The Jury puts their keys in the box -
Host Julie Chen welcomes the Jury Members to the live studio audience. In a live conversation, Julie asks Dick and Daniele how they are feeling. "It feels absolutely amazing," Daniele grins. Julie lets the pair know the Jury Members are present and ready to vote for who will win Big Brother 8. The Jury will be able to make one final statement to the Donatos before they vote. The first Jury member to cast a vote is Eric, who smiles, "To me this was a clear cut choice." Next is Jameka who explains her vote is for the player whose game she respects. Dustin follows, admitting he is basing his vote on "strategic action, not just words." Jen votes next, saying, "Honestly I'd prefer to vote for anyone in the house other than you." Zach votes next, followed by Amber. She congratulates them, saying she is voting strictly on strategic game play. Jessica then stands and votes for the person she enjoyed more in the house. "May the best Donato win," Jessica cheers.


Julie Chen introduces Dick and Daniele's family -
Julie introduces Dick's son Vincent and his mother Charlotte. She asks Charlotte what it's like to see the two estranged family members in the house together. "It's great," she smiles and hopes the pair will keep their relationship growing. Vincent admits his dad's behavior in the house is what Dick is like all the time. Next, the first five evicted HouseGuests return to face their housemates. Carol, Mike, Kail, Joe and Nick are seated in the studio. Julie lets Nick speak with Daniele live on air. Daniele smiles, "Awkward," as they both blush. Carol then comments on Jessica's performance and admits she was impressed by her former high school pal's game. Joe then comments he thought Dustin did well. Kail admits she is not surprised to see Dick and Daniele in the Final Two.


Julie explains America's Player to the Jury -
Julie then announces to everyone the America's Player twist. The Jury looks worried as they wait for the reveal. "One of you has not been playing the game alone…who is it?" The video screen reveals Eric as America's Player. He tells everyone he's been playing for America all summer. The Jury watches as they see Eric's instructions and his campaigning for others to be evicted over Dick. "Dick, you owe America a big fat thank you," Eric informs the finalist. We revisit Eric's mimicking Dick's behavior, the personal story Eric divulged to Kail and his failed attempt at giving Jessica the silent treatment. Joe laughs as Eric's "sleep-walking" incident during the summer is shown as being an America's Player task. Everyone laughs as it is revealed that Eric was the one that put mustard on Jen's pillow.


The Houseguest's reaction to the twist -
Julie asks Jessica for her reaction and Jessica laughs and says she's surprised but not angry. Eric leans over to Jessica and whispers, "We'll talk later." Dick is disappointed that Dustin's eviction was not a result of his own "great power-play," but instead was America's bidding. In the end Dustin says he didn't mind as he "got to spend a long time in paradise." Daniele admits she is shocked by the America's Player revelation, but thinks it's hilarious. Julie comments on Jameka's feeling that something wasn't right in the house. Jameka admits she knew something was up, claiming it was her women's intuition. Eric then tells Jessica that everything they've shared has been true and genuine. "It was me, really me," Eric coos to his sweetheart.


Julie counts the votes -
Julie announces, "It is time to count the votes." Daniele and Dick hold hands as they await their fate. Eric's America's Player vote is for Dick. Jameka has voted for Daniele. Dustin's vote is for Dick. Jen's vote is for Daniele. Next, Zach's vote is for Dick and Amber votes for Dick. The final key from Jessica is also for Dick. Dick has won Big Brother 8. Dick and Daniele stand and hug, making their way out of the house to meet their former housemates.


Goodbye to Big Brother 8 -
The original fourteen Houseguests smile and celebrate together as they congratulate the pair on their win. Julie congratulates the Donatos and says farewell to Big Brother for another season. After an unforgettable summer that has seen some of the toughest competitions, angriest confrontations, and serious showdowns between house rivals, the surprises kept coming with America's Player doing America's bidding. But once again Big Brother has entertained and entranced America. See you again next summer.